Friday 4th November: Introduction to Tendering, business clinic for creative businesses

2011-10-11 22:01:33

As part of this years Design Week 2011 and the Evolve Programme this half day clinic for design and creative businesses introduces the tendering process, providing practical real life advice and also includes a presentation from Mark Case, director of Whitenoise studios, one of the largest graphic design studios in Northern Ireland.


Evolve programme Business clinic, 30th September: Sales, Marketing, PR and Branding. Afternoon Session

2011-09-20 12:43:17

The Evolve Clinic morning session will be followed after lunch (1-2pm) by an information packed workshop "Creating Brand Value". Creating Brand Value will be facilitated by Christopher Murphy a writer, designer and educator based in Belfast, and Head of the Masters in Multidisciplinary Design at the University of Ulster.


Evolve programme Business clinic, 30th September: Sales, Marketing, PR and Branding.

2011-09-07 12:57:19

This clinic is crammed with expert speakers and business people who will be able to give you real life and practical advice to help you successfully promote and grow your business. This includes talks from leading industry experts and local successful entrepreneurs who have managed to grow their businesses into a global brand- please see the article for a full list of all the speakers and what they will be talking about.


Cash is King: Creative Industries workshop. Friday 2nd September, 1-2pm

2011-08-03 14:48:02

This session will explore the cashflow issues faced by small businesses using real examples from business and outlining lessons for your own business


Friday 12th August: Legal Workshop: Getting the Details Right

2011-07-27 18:37:35

This short and informal workshop will cover some of the most important legal issues which are crucial in starting up and maintaining a creative business, there are many issues beyond having a good idea which are vital to having a successful business and this workshop will try and cover the most important, it will be led by Specialist business solicitor Angela Brady. The workshop will be followed by opportunities to have a one-on-one personal meeting with Angela where she will be able to advise you on individual issues which may be affecting your businesses.


Introduction to Tendering- Business Clinic for design and creative businesses- Friday 4th November

2011-07-27 15:37:37

On Friday 4th November this half day clinic has been designed for design and creative businesses introducing the basics of the tendering process. It also features a talk from Mark Case, director of Whitenoise Studios, one of the largest graphic design studios in Northern Ireland on their experience of the tendering process.


Photography Exhibition - Looking is not seeing

2011-06-02 16:19:01

New photography exhibition. 'Looking but not seeing' is a collection of images I've gathered over the years of the world around us. The subject matter ranges from the obvious beauty around us to the not so obvious, things we've looked at a thousand times but never seen in their own right. So come down and see the world through my eyes.


Business Clinic: Financing Your Business & Networking Event: Bootstrapping or Investment - What's the best route for your business?

2011-05-24 15:42:30

Most businesses require some sort of initial capital to get started and then again to take their business to the next level. This clinic will explore and provide advice on the variety of funding alternatives available including angel funding, venture capital, grants and conventional loans and overdrafts. The clinic will begin with a series of presentations by the experts and will then be followed by the opportunity for one on one sessions with the experts then a networking lunch.


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